Many of us who live on the beach in Highland Beach are frustrated with the tractors’ beach “cleanup.” The trash and massive amount of seaweed is churned and buried — and with it all the plastic tangled up in it, from old, barnacled shoes to plastic forks and knives, plastic bottles and styrofoam.

Our beach has gone from having beautiful pristine white sand to having seaweed-with-plastic sand. Not comfortable to walk on barefoot, unhealthy, not pretty and very smelly, too. We spend all our time gathering the trash that’s merely been hidden just under the surface. 

The beach trash-removing companies should do what snow-removal companies do in the North with the snow: They cart it away and dump it at a central location off-site — in this case dump the plastic-laden seaweed in the landfill. It’s as good as trash, unfortunately. 
I really hope the town can resolve this to our residents’ satisfaction. We would like to get our beautiful, clean beaches back and stop being surrogate trash removers ourselves, cleaning up what the hired companies bury or leave behind. 

Kiri Borg
Highland Beach

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