As a resident of Ocean Ridge, I feel compelled to address a persistent issue plaguing our community this season: overflowing garbage cans. The situation has become increasingly problematic, particularly along Old Ocean Boulevard, where pedestrians navigate around overflowing trash receptacles while cars maneuver through the congestion. Weekends exacerbate the problem as beachgoers contribute to the overflow with their refuse, resulting in a disconcerting scene on Monday mornings.

Despite numerous complaints voiced at town meetings, little has been done to address the issue. Blame has been shifted to individuals crossing the bridge, limitations of third-party vendors, and even unwarranted concerns about workman’s compensation claims preventing our Public Works Department from intervening effectively.

The consequence is not only unsightly but also unsanitary, attracting pests and wildlife to the area.

It is imperative that we prioritize practical solutions over costly excuses. I advocate for reverting the responsibility of monitoring and emptying the trash cans back to our capable Public Works Department, who can manage the task efficiently on a daily basis.

With only two out of eight trash cans routinely overflowing, the solution is well within reach. Let’s empower our Public Works team to uphold the cleanliness of our community.

Ocean Ridge residents deserve better — we deserve actionable solutions, not endless excuses.

— Victor Martel
Ocean Ridge

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