As a longtime Fortune 500 senior executive and business owner, I knew the right location was critical when we moved here from New Jersey as full-time residents. My husband, Roy, and I selected Ocean Ridge after looking carefully at several small coastal towns, finding the town well-run and the engagement of the citizenry and sense of community very apparent.
That level of management takes work, and I have recently learned that the town manager, Jamie Titcomb, who is responsible for many of the key town projects, will be leaving his role in March. This creates a gap in the town management that will take some time to fill properly with a seasoned candidate. 
This is a cause for concern. When I have attended the Town Commission meetings of late it is apparent that it takes experience, knowledge of town needs and how to ensure our safety and well-being. Steve Coz, who has a high level of experience and has consistently represented the town’s best interests, is up for re-election in March. His experience would be very helpful during the transition period. This will be critical, as a poorly managed transition could result in lost opportunities for improvement and likely cost taxpayers money. 
So often people do not exercise their critical right to vote. 
Why does this matter in a small town like ours? Because we need to ensure that this beautiful town that we love remains a safe and good place for ourselves and our loved ones. 
Show up to vote on March 12.

— Janet Schijns 
Ocean Ridge

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