Thank you for your coverage of not just our Ocean Ridge municipal meetings but all of our neighbors’ meetings in your paper. An invaluable asset to the coastal communities.
In the article about the May 2021 Ocean Ridge commission meeting is one point I would like to clarify:
I object to the implication of my being a “de Haseth supporter.” This implies there are factions in town with voting blocs. I hope that is not the case. I, for one, vote on issues before me, not in support of one or another fellow member. Where I agree with Mayor de Haseth, she will have my support and where I agree with any of my other fellow commissioners, they will have my support.
We are five individuals mandated to make decisions with the best interest of our residents in mind. Most often they are unanimous decisions, and those that are not are done after hearing each other’s arguments for or against. It is imperative to hear the arguments on critical issues, most important those with which we do not agree. 

Martin Wiescholek,
town commissioner
Ocean Ridge

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