I want to thank the residents of Ocean Ridge for all the kindnesses shared with me during my campaign as your town commissioner. I learned so much from the experience.
    The campaign was a positive, constructive event and I appreciated all of the votes I received.
    I also want to thank the other candidates, Jim Bonfiglio, Don MaGruder and Richard Bajakian, for a friendly, professional campaign.  
    It was appreciated that we candidates could converse and campaign side by side and actually treat each other with respect and recognize each other’s position without making or soliciting negative comments or actions.  
    When it comes down to it, we are still all neighbors in a small town and we all want what is best for all of our residents and neighbors. It was gratifying that we could all be that, a neighbor, a colleague, a friend.
    I wish the new commission all the best and look forward to running again next year.
    I have much to offer and will continue with those efforts over the next year.
Nan Yablong
Ocean Ridge

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