Ira Friedman, I barely knew him, but what a really nice man. He was proud of Briny!

I’m a seasonal resident of Ocean Ridge and I’m a woodworker, but I have no equipment here.

I had a project, so I randomly called Briny Breezes to see if I could use their wood shop.

I was told that the shop was for residents only. I then asked if I could hire someone to cut some wood for me?

Two hours later Ira called me: “Sure, I’ll meet you in one hour at the last quonset hut on the north end, it’s our wood shop.”

I met Ira for the first time. “I have a bad back so you’ll need to carry the wood,” which I happily did. He cut my wood and with extreme pride gave me a grand tour of not only the wood shop, introducing me to everyone there, but insisted on driving me around Briny pointing out his favorite features.

Ira refused to take my money or my offers of wine or alcohol or any sort of compensation for his time. Ira was simply willing to help a total stranger because he could.

Ira, in my short interaction, left a real imprint on me. When I read his amazing obituary I was truly saddened. It’s rare when someone you’ve barely known passes and you’re fundamentally struck by it. Ira was a truly good man.

— Harry Ehrlich
Ocean Ridge

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