What has happened to the value of sharing? When we are little our parents try to instill this in us, especially if we have a younger sibling.
As residents of Highland Beach, my husband and I truly enjoy biking on the 3.2-mile path that travels along A1A through our community. At each entrance to Highland Beach there is a sign that says, “Cyclist shall give audible warning before passing pedestrians — H.B.P.D.” Daily, we are greeted with friendly smiles from walkers and other bikers who, like us, are trying to stay healthy and make the best of these COVID-19 times.
There are, of course, those walkers who tell us to bike in the street on the “bike path,” and as I ride by I try to explain that the street, in Highland Beach, has a shoulder, not a bike path.
I know that this is hard to understand, because so many bikers, who are coming from Delray or Boca, where there are clearly marked bike paths in the street, continue their 3.2 miles through Highland Beach, on the shoulder.
A recent incident made me realize that I needed to write this letter, out of concern for my fellow bikers. My husband and I were biking on the path and an irate walker kicked my tire when I stopped to explain that it was a shoulder, not a bike path, in the street. He also threatened to slap my face if I called the police.
The answer to the question is “both.” The path is for walkers and for bikers. Let’s try harder at sharing in our wonderful Highland Beach community.
Carol Wolf, Highland Beach

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