This email has been long overdue coming from my desk to yours.
Being a resident and a business in Palm Beach County since 1973, we have seen many local newspapers come and go in our communities — from Palm Beach to Boca Raton, from east to west.
Our thanks go out to the founding partners of The Coastal Star for the team that they put together to provide a great paper for all of us to enjoy.
The image and content that you provide each issue is very contemporary and informative. We look forward to your paper for 2018 and beyond.

Giovanni Marquez
FSB/Fashion Shoppes Boutique
Boynton Beach

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  • Very well said Giovanni Marquez!

    I enjoy reading it every time it comes to my inbox. I don't miss any article.

    Kudos! and keep up the good work The Coastal Star. 


    Anita Jochamowitz

    Marketing Rep for AJJ BLINDS in Boynton Beach, FL

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