In the Dec. 17 Palm Beach Post it was reported that two Boynton women in the Marina Village condominium’s penthouse apartment were arrested on charges relating to illegal drugs and prostitution.
    I am very disappointed in the lack of openness on the part of the condominium leadership through this whole process. The leaders in the Marina Village condominium led the police to set up a sting, and never bothered to put forth any of this information during the very public debate about a parking and crime problem inside their garage. And, in fact, some went so far as to blame the businesses and customers in the district for these problems.
    I hope this new information helps to persuade the leaders of Boynton Beach to support the hard-working businesses of the Marina District, and to stay on track helping to promote more tourists and customers to the downtown by not charging a $5 parking fee, or any other fee, against customers or employees of the downtown.
    Let’s stay focused on Boynton’s strategic plan, laid out on the website, by doing everything we can to attract business to downtown Boynton Beach.
Luke Therien
Proprietor, Banana Boat

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