I read the article written by Ron Hayes in the September issue of The Coastal Star. Although I always enjoy your newspaper, the article about Gumbo Limbo and the rescue of Cindy by Ryan Butts and his colleagues was of particular interest.
Although as a visitor I do not get a chance to interact with some of the wonderful rehab staff, I know that Ron Hayes “gets it.”
His storytelling provides a wonderful account of what makes Gumbo Limbo so special. I can understand a child’s wonderment at something in their lives that changes it forever. Mr. Hayes’ account of Ryan’s childhood dreams coming true was so inspiring. I hope every parent reading your paper encourages his or her child to read Mr. Hayes’ story.
He seems to have captured the true spirit of that special bond that takes place with each sea turtle the Gumbo Limbo rehab team has in its care. Although I am not familiar with the entire team, I have the pleasure of knowing Connie Thomas-Mazur, and the light in her eyes at the wonderment of helping these creatures is truly something to behold.
Thank you, Mr. Hayes  and The Coastal Star, for acknowledging the many heroes in our coastal community.
Clare Lazarow
Highland Beach

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