Is Delray Beach sure it wants an “Urban Appalachian Trail”?
    If you have ever been on the actual Appalachian Trail, you would find that the users are hardy, backpacking, great folks who live in tents/sleeping bags, dig holes for latrines, eat prepared rations and really enjoy the outdoor life, some for a year at a time.
    Might the East Coast Greenway trail belong more in remote, unpopulated areas?
    Let the East Coast Greenway be directed to the beautiful scenery of our wildlife preserves, saving a whole lot of money, plus offering all of the open space that is really required for such a trail.
    Another location just might be along railroad rights of way, which should be perfect, as it would beautify those desolate looking areas.     
    Not sure what Resolution No 71-015 is, other than a misguided nightmare. Might there be a negative economic benefit from “long distance travelers”?
    We already have sidewalks and bike lanes in Delray Beach that have been built at great expense and serve local residents very well. Anyone who wants to go outside can already do so.
    Has the East Coast Greenway trail really been thought through?
Fred Taubert
Delray Beach

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