In a few days it will once again be election day here in Ocean Ridge. As I hope we all recognize, there are three candidates running for two seats on the Town Commission. Qualified voters will have two votes to cast, two chances to shape the future for our town.
During the last town campaign, some people in Ocean Ridge advocated for “bullet voting,” the tactic of casting a ballot for only one person even when two positions are open. The purpose of “bullet voting” is to give one’s favored candidate a vote, while denying votes to other candidates.
To my way of thinking, it is a destructive stratagem, a negative way of pursuing one’s civic duty. The town needs two commissioners, not just one, and I hope people in Ocean Ridge will exercise their right to vote completely. 
This is an important election after all, and it would be great to know that the town has the two best new commissioners, when all is said and done.

— Peter Hoe Burling
Ocean Ridge

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