Delray Beach is in a dire state of overcrowding and developers are in denial by ignoring its severity.
To borrow from the movie Don’t Look Up, why not “Look Around!”
What do you see?
There are buildings under construction now, at peak season, causing detours at every turn.
There’s the Atlantic Intracoastal bridge rising and closing while traffic builds up, resulting in a massive tie-up of cars. And to top it off, bike lanes are being added to narrow roads, leaving drivers to creep behind cyclists.
Then what happens? 
Road rage causes a driver to peel out and come close to hitting an oncoming vehicle.
Is this what you call progress? Turning our charming “village by the sea” into a nightmarish “metropolis by the sea”?
What does it matter that tourists have to spend a substantial part of their limited vacation time trapped in traffic?
Profits have been made and those who raked in the money now run to other potentially lucrative locations.
You don’t believe this is serious? What measures, if any, are being taken to address this volume of traffic?
Isn’t it obvious this problem will only get worse once the Atlantic Crossing project is completed? Who will be able to “cross” Atlantic Avenue anymore?
And have you considered the impact this will have on first responders en route to an emergency?
Are you aware of the decline in tourism coming once word gets out? What city dweller, eager for escape from the raucous urban life, wants to land in the same situation on vacation? And what becomes of the Delray residents simply wanting to maintain a peaceful environment?
Wake up!
Look around! Reality is here; it’s a done deal.

— Mary Licata
Highland Beach

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