About 15 years ago, my wife and I fell in love with Delray Beach and purchased a condo nearby, which my family enjoys so much. Unfortunately, the ongoing development projects are destroying what was once a wonderful respite from busy city life. You can no longer easily drive down Atlantic Avenue at night, particularly if in search of a parking place. On a recent evening a restaurant valet waved me on, unable to park my car.
The city is becoming way overcrowded and yet the building projects continue to mushroom in quantity and size.
What is the City Commission thinking? Are they beholden to the developers? What we once loved about Delray Beach is being destroyed.
I beg the City Commission to wake up. Enough is enough!

Christopher S. Sargent
Gulf Stream

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  • I couldn't agree with your comments more!  I moved here when Delray Beach was winning the BEST SMALL TOWN IN AMERICA award a number of years in a row (the early 90's). It has been gradually ruined by OVER DEVELOPMENT and now it's on a bobsled out of control!  Fir two years the city has allowed the developers of Atlantic Crossing inconvenience its residents all for the destruction of our city. The mayor and every single commissioner should be impeached and run out of town for what they have allowed to happen. You wait- they are going to duplicate the monstrosity in the next block of Atlantic- further adding to the demise of Delray.  I used to enjoy going to many restaurants on Atlantic Ave but I will no longer go through the aggravation of trying to get through the construction, traffic and parking nightmare. I live on the barrier island and everyone I know avoids downtown Delray now. No more patronizing our local businesses. It's a real shame. 

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