I am addressing the Editor’s Note, “Extra drive time a necessary nuisance this time of year,” that appeared in the June 2017 issue of The Coastal Star.
    Upfront, I totally agree with the opinion that most construction projects on the barrier island reflect necessary improvements to our transportation infrastructure. However, I am reacting to the comments concerning A1A in Delray Beach that seem to me to unfairly blame the MBR construction company, contractor on the beach master plan project.
    The editorial states that “Delray Beach’s oceanfront traffic has been barely inching along because of restricted parking and construction movements along the beachfront.”
    I live directly on the west side of A1A facing the beach walk and constantly observe the progress of the project and the traffic flow. Believe me, MBR is super-organized in facilitating traffic flow and the availability of beach entrances. I do not see traffic tie-ups as you described.
    The parking has been removed, but the traffic and bike lanes are in place in both north and south directions. The construction crews rarely impact traffic when working or even when debris is being removed. My impression is that all equipment remains within the original parking and bike lanes that are fenced off.
    Frankly, the major traffic tie-ups are at other A1A locations, where the parking meters are still in place, caused by motorists stopping to wait for a parking spot to become available. This can be a long wait.
    In relation to the new-home construction sites on A1A, this equipment has no place to park except partially on A1A, but seems not to impact traffic flow significantly.
    I do not feel that I am biased as president of the BPOA, which is partnering with the city in initiating the beach master plan. Compliments are due MBR Construction. I understand they are on schedule to complete the project by October or before.

Bob Victorin
Delray Beach

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