What is wrong with the Delray Beach commissioners?  They have as a whole completely ruined the award-winning small town of Delray Beach. It has been ruined and they are all to blame. 
With their approved overdevelopment, the city has, in a mere couple of years, turned into a big city like Fort Lauderdale, and no one except the tourists is happy about it.  The commissioners should all be ashamed of themselves and if they allow the overdevelopment to continue east of Atlantic Crossing, they should all be run out of town!
There have been so many overwhelming mistakes that they have made in governing this town — overdevelopment being the worst and then the fiasco with Delray’s water system and now the Cornell Art Museum in Old School Square.
Again, what is wrong with their heads? The Boca Museum of Art has conducted the finest exhibits, lectures and classes in the whole county. It would have been an overwhelming win for Cornell to have been managed by the Boca Museum of Art.  One of the commission’s main reasons for shooting itself in the foot was that they didn’t want someone from out of town running this institution.
Well, since Delray Beach government hasn’t managed to do anything right in the past five to 10 years, it would have been a safer bet and one that all of us would have benefited from.
Drain the swamp!

— Susan Hansford
Delray Beach

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  • Here here... I'm with you.  How many members of Delray City government have been chased out of office for corruption, cronyism or just downright nutty behavior?   I think I understand it now.  There's something in the drinking water that makes you crazy.  

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