I agree with you that public funding for sand replacement on beaches should allow access to public beaches. 

    In Ocean Ridge we have four public parks either within or adjacent to the town. Three of these parks front the ocean. The town also has a number of public walkovers to allow individuals access to the public portion (legal high tide water line to ocean). 

    I don’t live on the ocean nor do I own any beach property. I do have a deeded easement that allows me access to the beach. This allows me access to the public portion of the beach but in no way gives me any right to use the private property my easement passes through. 

    So far as working something out with Boynton Beach, that was done when Ocean Ridge originally became a town and provides residents of Boynton Beach a public beach park in the middle of Ocean Ridge. 

    Given your argument that public funds are used to maintain the beach, so everyone should be given access to the private properties on the beach makes no more sense than saying that public funds maintain the roads where you live, so therefore everyone should get to enjoy your backyard by having parties there any time of day or night and then just leave their trash when they go home. 

    If you believe Ocean Ridge limits access to the ocean, then you should really be after the towns to the north and south of Ocean Ridge.

Earl Jones

Ocean Ridge

    Editor’s Note: Our January editorial did not say or even suggest that “everyone should be given access to the private properties on the beach.” The wording was: Ocean Ridge: Public beaches get public funding for maintenance renourishment and storm repair. Private beaches do not. If you don’t like people coming across the bridge to use “your” beach, talk to Boynton Beach.

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