Your articles are great (“Airport project can benefit wildlife as well as human life” and “Gumbo Limbo thawing out stressed turtles”), but to me they highlight the ridiculous waste of my grandchildren’s money as they are the ones that will either pay our national debt or default.
    My grandchildren are the endangered species and we had better start to understand that soon.
    Please, if wildlife is endangering humans in any way, then they must go and we do not need a costly study to figure it out. I can’t even comprehend a hospital for turtles, and my bankrupt grandchildren are flying them from Massachusetts to Florida! Are you serious?
    Why worry about this little spending? Well, dimes roll faster than dollars, so why not start cutting nonsense spending and these are two great examples.
    I don’t mean to pick on turtles, or wildlife, but there are tens of thousands of these seemingly worthwhile projects going on in the country. Usually ultra-rich embraced, but with taxpayer monies being used. The funding by the FAA, or any other government agency is, in the end, taxpayer money.
    I have no idea who funds the Gumbo Limbo Nature Center, but let’s put that money toward the national debt or helping needy children, as we can not afford both any longer.
    Yes, I’m on the children’s side and human lives trump any wildlife, including black bears that kill humans every year.
    Thanks for waking me up to what is going on and I hope others will see this as way over-the-top spending.
Fred Taubert
Delray Beach

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