The letter by Dr. John D. Wootton in your October edition (Quote gives wrong impression about commissioners) denigrates the consistently high quality and independent local reporting which characterizes The Coastal Star.  It appears that the letter writer did not understand the context of the article, concerning certain statewide land development issues raised by Senate Bill 360, which has now been declared unconstitutional.
My candidacy for Ocean Ridge Town Commissioner in 2007 grew out of my work with others in opposition to the widening of the Boynton Beach Inlet, which would have generated out of control growth along the Intracoastal Waterway and my participation in our community's opposition to the sale/re-development of Briny Breezes, which would have created overly dense growth on our barrier island.
I personally worked with many residents and community groups, as well as Ocean Ridge Commissioners, all of whom successfully opposed the inlet widening and the sale of Briny Breezes.  The article about the statewide Senate Bill 360 in no way implied otherwise.
Terry Brown
Ocean Ridge Town Commissioner

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