I am writing regarding your coverage of A1A road improvements.

I reside in Delray Beach, one block south of Linton Boulevard on Del Harbour Drive, which only opens onto A1A from the west side of the street: There is no east portion of Del Harbour Drive due to recently built condos, replacing “Wright by the Sea.”

Your article explains that “the project will more than triple the length of the left turn lane” going onto the Linton bridge from A1A heading north.

During high season, getting out onto A1A to head north from Del Harbour Drive is frustrating due to the long lines of cars heading north, especially in the afternoon. If you don’t find somebody nice enough to let you out, you sit there for as long as eight minutes.

What is this double lane going to do to that wait time, after they get it in place? There is no car-activated light that would let us get out onto A1A. Considering the taxes paid by the residents of Del Harbour Drive, the city of Delray Beach should look into our situation and come up with a mutually agreeable solution that enhances the new road construction and allows us improved access to A1A.

An example of shortchanging our residents is that 50% of Del Harbour Drive was repaved where five ultra-expensive townhouses were built. The second half of the road saw many of the large heavy trucks that used our circle to turn around in, but the city couldn’t afford to strip and repave the balance and start the clock for the total street anew? Perhaps, if there is some new construction land to be had, it would be more than happy to address the situation and repave the balance of the street.
— R. Getschow,
Delray Beach

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