Your newspaper and others keep preaching about the rights of bicyclists. I go out of my way, especially on weekends, for them. But until law enforcement does something, they continue to ride three or four abreast and continue not to respect the two-abreast limit.
    It’s time police make them a believer in the rules.
    If we continue to let them ride at free will, the danger is on them.
    Gov. Scott or someone has to make it a two-side deal, or bikers will continue to get hurt.
Ron M. Bennett
Highland Beach

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  • I believe that if bicyclists want to "share" the road with vehicles, they need to follow the traffic rules that vehicles do.   Not  once  have I seen any of them use hand signals to indicate a change of direction, and it is clearly posted not to ride more than 2 abreast.  They go to the front of traffic at stoplights, often rolling right through them, causing the vehicles who had to slow down to go around them to have to pass them again (and sometimes again and again if you catch more than one light).  If cyclists cannot follow the traffic rules, then they should go by pedestrian rules and get on the sidewalk.  Isn't there a law regarding "obstruction of traffic"?  I teach my children that no matter what the laws are (to protect everyone on the roads), if you get hit by a car and you're on a bike (or walking or running, etc.), you lose.  To be more clear, even if you follow the rules, you still must drive, cycle, run and walk offensively to keep yourself from harm's way.  Others may not be following them.  I would think cyclist's safety sense would tell them to be a bit more humble about traffic laws.

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