In your June/July article about bicycling on A1A, you only made a short statement referencing large groups of bikers. I find it very disturbing that I have observed over the past 10 years large groups of bicycles — 30 to 90 bikers — who ride in the middle of the street and will not move over for vehicles. 
The law states they must ride one behind each other and only two side-by-side when passing and only when they do not interfere with traffic. Your article needed to put more on the laws currently on the books.
These large groups do not have a permit and are a danger to our streets. Even some of the local police have turned a blind eye to them. It leaves the local resident to maneuver around them, putting them and oncoming traffic in danger.
You mention the new laws, saying the driver has to wait till a safe time to pass. In most cases that you mean, the large groups take control of the roads. And I would have to follow them for miles at a reduced speed. Not what the roads are for. If they want to act like they are in some race then do it off A1A. Do this in a race that blocks off the roads and has the proper permit.
I would like for you to do another article on how the large groups are a huge problem.

Greg Harrington
Highland Beach

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  • These MAMILs...Middle Aged Men In Latex...are a cheeky lot.  They think they own the road. Protected by their fancy, high powered attorneys; they almost taunt drivers to hit them.  Don't press so hard never know what might happen.

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