“Tragedy on beach sparked change” in the December issue reminds me why The Coastal Star is such an asset to our community. Growing up in this area, I well remember this tragedy, and the ensuing events.  
    “All our moves and acts are aimed at getting the Negroes off our beach,” stated the then-mayor of Ocean Ridge, as quoted in your well-researched article. It is a horrible feeling to recognize, 50 years later, a similar motivation today in Ocean Ridge’s current effort to suppress public beach access.  
    At nearly every town meeting in the past year,  comments by commissioners and residents in favor of “enforcement” on the beach are aimed at getting the outsiders off  “our” beaches — transparent protestations to the contrary notwithstanding.
    The town’s deliberate and considered decision to remove the “Public Beach Access” signs is a clear indication of the town’s intent to discourage the public’s access to their beaches and shorelines, which are held in trust for the public.
Terry Brown
Ocean Ridge

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