I, too, share your concern for litter on our beaches and waters. Litterbugs obviously feel no shame about trashing our beautiful coastal region, so I doubt lecturing their irresponsible behavior will have any effect. 
However, we residents who walk the beaches and sidewalks can easily remedy the litter issues in Delray Beach. There are trashcans placed at every beach-access path, one on the A1A-side shower area, and at least one on the beachside.
As we walk from trashcan to trashcan, we can consciously look for trash to pick up.  Come armed with a bag/bucket and a long “grabbing” tool, and you can have significant impact. 
I have seen good volunteer citizens doing this occasionally, but not enough to keep the beaches and accesses clean. If all residents who walk the beaches regularly would do this — and the litterbugs see us — maybe we can positively influence bad behavior and keep our coastal areas cleaner.
Jim Vockel, Delray Beach

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