I clean the beach a couple times a week if not more.  The amounts of litter that is found on a continual basis is truly disturbing.  From plastic bottles to a vile of blood, I have found some truly unsafe and nasty things.  Our beaches and waters are a disaster and it seems that the people who could really make significant changes turn a blind eye or do not want to acknowledge the problems.  For example maintenance workers for the county are still using leaf blowers and blowing debris into the water ways.  Even natural debris blown into the water is not acceptable.   Fishing line and cigarette butts are some of the common littered and dangerous items that can easily be blown into the water and harm our marine life.  I've also seen another worker pour bleach around a storm drain at Hammock Park and then hose it down.  Bleach going into any water source is hazardous and this is just unacceptable.  Trash bins have been taken off several beaches in Palm Beach County and this includes the one that was at Hammock Park.  Many people don't know where to put their trash and this deters them from picking up litter.  The reason comes down to money.  Florida's beaches are a precious resource and also a huge tourist attraction.  Why would anyone want to pay to sit on a beach full of litter?  Why wouldn't the powers that be want to be more proactive in protecting our marine and wild life like the endangered sea turtles, manatees, and many other species?  We have spoken up and have gotten shot down.  Our group the Sea Angels care and it's not personal when we bring issues to the table.  We were slapped with a lack of respect and our words fell on deaf ears.  I goes that goes with the blind eye they turn to the truth of what we are dealing with and they are ignoring.

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