Kundalini Massage


by Anya Deva

Sol Oasis Yoga and Massage Studio

408 E Ocean Ave, Boynton Beach, FL 33435                                        www.ElementalTherapy.org

917 848 4807

Return to the Original Perfection

A powerful blend of classical massage and subtle energy work, directing consciousness of your body to fatigued areas to help heal quickly and naturally. Kundalini massage helps to relieve not only stress of large muscles, but the tension of smooth tiny muscles of arteries and veins, improves blood circulation in bone and cartilage, which results in faster regeneration of tissues and younger, healthier body. 10+ years of experience, excellent results with:

Chronic pains, Autoimmune disorders, stress-based Cardiovascular problems, Arthritis, Sports injuries, Long-lasting stress relief and Pain management.

7 days /week 9am-8pm Incall/Outcall  $80/hr

Call today to feel great!



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