Mint-condition.  Weighs less than 26 lbs and is the lightest Sea Kayak available.
The Ultra features a nomex honey-comb core with a woven kevlar fabric layup.
Access to the water is a pleasure.  It ranks 1st at when
compared to the five other lightweight kayaks (39-55 lbs).  Since the paddler
becomes one with the kayak, it is extremely maneuverable even at high speeds
without a rudder. Normal delivery on a new Epic Ultra GPX can range from 4-6
weeks.  Ours is available within a few days.  We purchased this recently but
cannot conveniently store it at our Condo.  GPX Specifications:  12'-11" long,
25" wide, 11" deep. Load capacity is 275 lbs.       
Package includes Epic Paddle, Spray Skirt, Cockpit Cover and Full Boat Cover.
*Package was $3,000 new. Text or Phone 1-212-753-1888

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