Epic Wireless a fast growing wireless technology company based in WPB recently installed wireless internet services at The Breakers Row One North. The Regency Palm Beach is also utilizing Epic's state of the art affordable wireless solution. Other coastal condo buildings are in discussions with Epic for both internet and wireless security services. 

Andrew Wilson partner and technolgy whiz has been installing wireless systems throughout Palm Beach County since 2007 when Banyan Springs Home Owners Association " saw the future" and hired Epic to install community wide wireless internet as well as security cameras at strategic points.

The benefits of using Epics services are that they can deliver faster internet speeds for much less cost than Comcast or ATT, with personilzed service and support. Also monitering entryways,  pools and parking lots with discreet high tech camera technology is necessary for limiting liabilty.

If your condo association, apartment building or community is interested in a free analysis and quotation customized for your needs contact Epic Wireless at 561-373-3558

Posted by Mark Lubow on May 5, 2011 at 8:32pm

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