Boynton Inlet discussion a boondoggle

Thanks to your publication for bringing the activity of the Boynton Inlet Committee to light. Boynton Beach for whatever reason is way out of line in pushing this agenda. This is just another boondoggle at the taxpayers expense for which Palm Beach County is infamous. The so-called inlet was never meant for boat traffic. The Coast Guard will not install channel markers which would acknowledge that waterway is safe or acceptable for navigation. Present charts clearly indicate the dangers of this inlet. When numbers like $50 to $100 million are thrown out for a new bridge and the other huge numbers for increasing and width and depth of the channel this become more preposterous. In addition the engineering studies that will be undertaken to support this hoax will have absolutely no validity and the results will be to support the group pushing this for financial gain. This goes up to and including the Corp of Army Engineers. I personally observed the results of the changes to the Hillsboro Inlet in Pompano Beach. The Corp of Army Engineers altered the natural channel for boaters convenience around 1960. The result was that Yahoo Bay which was just inside the inlet disappeared, a permanent dredge and dredging is required continuously, and the inlet is no safer than it ever was. If a boater lacks boating skills and good judgment no inlet will be safe. This intended move should draw all the attention and opposition that the Briny Breeze incident drew. The taxpayers have had enough. J Mark Choberka Ocean Ridge

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