I am one of the founders of a beach clean organization called the SeaAngels.  We do a monthly cleanup on  last Saturday of each month at Ocean Inlet Park in Boynton Beach.  Our cleanups are done in a green way by not using any plastic bags,  gloves, water bottles and we recycle our litter and mono-filament.  We also maintain the recently installed mono-filament fishing line bins.  We try to do everything in our power, so we leave less of a carbon footprint when we leave.  

We know other groups don't do as we do and that sets us apart!  Although it's great that trash is being picked up, does it really count when you're not recycling, using plastic bags that are barely filled, giving out latex gloves and plastic water bottles that will just go back into our landfills?  It seems that people need to be more aware that by not recycling and using plastic bags and so on just adds is just adding to an issue elsewhere such as the landfills.  The public seems to look past  some of these details of" not so green cleans" and in some aspects it defeats the purpose.  It's not about the free t-shirts or snacks that are given out... It's about a cleaner safer environment.

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