Attention: Home and Condominium Owners that have Boat Docks

Attention: Homeowners and condominium owners with boat docks!

I am developing a startup similar to Airbnb but for home and condominium owners with docks to be able to rent their docks out to boaters. If you have a dock or boat slip, please take one minute to take this completely anonymous online Google survey:

*Optional* - As a thank you, if you would like a Discount or Credit when we launch the app, you can submit your email at the end of the survey. Really appreciate your feedback!

Thank you so much!! 

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Hi Anthony,

I sent you a friend request so that I could message you, but thought I would also respond here.  When you get this off the ground, I would like to know so that I can download the app.  Good Luck!

Hi Robb - Thanks for your note and the suppport! Will certainly notify when it comes to market. Do you have a dock? If so, could you please take the survey:

I need as much feedback as I can get. If you put your email at the last page of the survey (if you have a dock), I will know to email you. If you have any friends with docks, please send them the survey link as well.

Thank you,


Hi Anthony,

Have you had any success with this endeavor? We are new dry lot homeowners in Gulf Stream coming from a waterfront condo in Miami Beach in search of a dock for our boat. Long or short term dock leases considered.

Kindly advise.

Many thanks,

Gary Schwartz

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