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The Plate: They’re not just blowing Smoke at barbecue

The plate: Chicken and rib combo
The place: Smoke, 8 E. Atlantic Ave., Delray Beach; 330-4236 or
The price: $22.99
The skinny: The chicken on this combo platter was among the best I’ve tasted anywhere. Tender, juicy barbecued chicken that was infused with the essence of hardwood smoke and that boasted skin the color of mahogany.
The ribs? Well, they were wonderfully crusted, courtesy of chef Bryan Tyrell’s spice rub, but were rather dry, not falling-off-the-bone tender as one might expect. Granted, I stopped in for lunch after the rush, but I had higher expectations than this.
And while the slightly sweet slaw was fresh, it was off-putting to see it served in Styrofoam, especially at this price point.
Still, I would come back for that chicken alone. Outstanding.
— Scott Simmons

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