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Gulf Stream: Town Hall addition plan gets good reviews

By Steve Plunkett
    Gulf Stream Town Hall version 2.0 is on its way.
    A 24-foot-wide by 29-foot-deep addition on the west side of the building will provide new offices for the town manager and Gulf Stream’s staff attorney as well as additional space for storage.
    Architect Mark Marsh gave town commissioners a courtesy preview of the plan at their May 12 meeting. The Architectural Review and Planning Board, which had the final say, approved it May 22.
    “It’s going to be a very simple addition. It reflects the symmetry, the balance, the materials of the existing facility,” Marsh said.
    Town Manager Greg Dunham, who took over William Thrasher’s position May 1, will move into the northern half of the addition, while staff attorney Trey Nazzaro will occupy the southern half. Both offices have room for storage.
    “Even though in this age of internet … it’s a fallacy [that computers reduce paper records]. There’s more paperwork, more storage required,” Marsh said.
    Town Clerk Rita Taylor will relocate to Thrasher’s old office, and her space will become a conference room/library.
    “Contractors, subcontractors that want to review plans, they come in [to a space that’s] not really geared to any review of documents or research,” said Marsh, who regularly brings proposals to Town Hall. “Having a conference room of some kind is going to be a huge asset.”
    Marsh’s clients were pleased.
    “I think it looks good,” Commissioner Joan Orthwein said.
    Mayor Scott Morgan said: “It’s not only a good addition, but it’s a better use of space. I particularly like the way you’ve blended the outside elevation with the existing building so it looks like a natural, an original part of the building.”

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