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Delray Beach: Caron seeks residents’ communications on sober house protest

Letter delivered to Seaspray neighbors: Green_Letter%282%29.pdf

(Note: To protect privacy, the name and address has been removed by The Coastal Star)

By Tim Pallesen

                  The Caron Foundation has notified neighbors near its Seaspray Avenue sober house that their communications will be sought as evidence in its lawsuit against Delray Beach.
                  “We intend to examine all of your records, yard signs, notes, surveillance tapes, telephone and cell phone records, letters, emails, documents and writings concerning the Caron Foundation and its attempts to provide community housing to people in recovery,” Caron attorney Jim Green wrote in a letter that was hand-delivered to neighbors and subsequently made available to The Coastal Star.
                  According to neighbors, the drug and alcohol treatment provider moved its first three clients into its house at 1232 Seaspray Ave. under the watchful eyes of security guards one day after distributing the letter.
                  “The letter’s timing a day before Caron moved people into the Seaspray home was suspect and the manner in which it was delivered — by bouncer-type goons trespassing over people’s private property — was repugnant,” neighbor Cary Glickstein said. “Residents are furious.”
                  Caron wants seven recovering alcoholics and drug addicts in the house. City law currently allows three unrelated people in a single-family home.
                  Caron sued Delray Beach on Feb. 23 after the city denied its request for seven clients by saying Caron hadn’t provided sufficient justification for the request. A federal judge on May 4 ordered the city to continue processing Caron’s request without violating federal laws that prohibit discrimination against recovering alcoholics and drug addicts.
                  The judge also granted Caron a temporary injunction to stop the city from enforcing a transient housing ordinance that makes it difficult for treatment providers to operate.
                  Green is seeking the communications among residents as he prepares for a trial on both matters.
                  “We consider all of this information to be important evidence that should be preserved,” he wrote the neighbors. “Therefore, please do not destroy, erase or over-write any writings or documents.”
                  Residents called Green’s letter an attempt to intimidate them.
                  “It’s a frightening letter. What he’s done is bizarre,” said Mindy Farber, an attorney who lives in the neighborhood but did not receive the letter, “I don’t think what he’s asking for is anything they have. I would just ignore him.”
                  Glickstein, who chairs the city’s planning and zoning board, said Green’s intent in sending the letter has backfired.
                  “Residents now are more galvanized than ever to continue this fight,” he said.

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Comment by Caron Alumnus on May 23, 2012 at 9:34pm
They care so much about their bottom line that this life saving non profit gave something like $17m in charitable care to underprivileged sick people in need last year (number could be wrong - but it's big whatever it is). The profits from the Ocean Drive program will go directly towards doing the work of saving lives.
Comment by Kelly Barrette on May 23, 2012 at 5:19pm

The Caron Foundation is trying to establish itself on the "wealthy barrier" island so they can charge their more affluent clients enormous amounts of money to stay in our single family neighborhood while undergoing treatment.  Residents object to this blatant commercial enterprise and it's well within their first amendment rights to protest it.  The fact that the organization tried intimidate the neighbors with legal threats,the day they moved clients into the house, is only further evidence that what they really "care" about is their bottom line.

Comment by Caron Alumnus on May 21, 2012 at 11:49am

"These people" are not evil. These people work tirelessly to save lives - including my own. Discrimination is not tolerated in 2012 - not on a wealthy barrier island, not anywhere. Thank God for the civil rights movement.

Comment by Leigh Allen on May 15, 2012 at 4:20am

Wow! This letter is chilling! A blatant form of intimidation.  These people are evil - but they don't know yet that this will make them lose.

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