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Boca Raton: Crocker files notice of lawsuit against city

By Mary Hladky

Frustrated that the city has not enacted land-use regulations that would allow its Midtown project to be built, Crocker Partners has told the city it plans to file a lawsuit seeking $137 million.

The April 10 notice of claim for compensation said that Crocker Partners is seeking the money because it is unable to redevelop three properties it owns in Midtown — Boca Center, The Plaza and One Town Center.

“The city has pushed us into a position…


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Boca Raton: Opponents’ case against Chabad heard by appeals court

By Sallie James

The legal wrangling surrounding a fiercely contested proposal to build an orthodox synagogue and Israel museum near Boca Raton’s beach continues to rage nearly three years after the project was proposed.

A panel of three judges in Miami heard yet another round of legal arguments in late January at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Miami. The case stems from a 2015 proposal by Chabad of East Boca to construct a sprawling 18,000-square-foot,…


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Delray Beach: City is first in Florida to challenge drugmakers

By Jane Smith

On Dec. 21, Delray Beach became the first Florida government entity to sue major drugmakers and wholesalers for their roles in causing the opioid epidemic playing out on its streets, officials said.

Its federal lawsuit joins others filed by nearly 200 cities, counties and states nationwide. Palm Beach County and scores of Florida cities and counties are expected to file similar lawsuits.

“The city has done as much as possible, without further…


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Ocean Ridge: Lucibella trial postponed a 3rd time

By Steve Plunkett


Former Ocean Ridge Vice Mayor Richard Lucibella’s felony trial will not start before next year.

His defense attorney, Marc Shiner, and Assistant State Attorney Danielle Grundt both agreed this month to the postponement — the trial’s third delay. Circuit Judge Charles Burton rescheduled the case for February 2018.

Shiner also complained that Police Officer Nubia Plesnik’s lawyer, Richard Slinkman, has made it impossible for him…


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Gulf Stream: O’Boyle, town hit dead end on settlement talks

By Steve Plunkett


The legal battle between Gulf Stream and town resident Martin O’Boyle dragged on in July as O’Boyle conducted a 90-minute deposition in his home and his son filed a motion seeking a “6-foot pile” of documents in a New Jersey lawyer’s office.

    Jonathan O’Boyle filed a notice July 19 of his intention to subpoena Camden, N.J., lawyer David Sufrin to get copies of “any and all” documents between Sufrin and Robert Sweetapple, Gulf Stream’s…


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Ocean Ridge: Depositions in Lucibella felony case set for late August

By Steve Plunkett

    The lawyer in the felony case against former Ocean Ridge Vice Mayor Richard Lucibella has rescheduled depositions of town officials and the police for late August.

Defense attorney Marc Shiner will depose arresting officers Nubia Plesnik and Richard Ermeri and since-retired Sgt. William Hallahan on Aug. 21, along with Police Chief Hal Hutchins, dispatcher Courtney Hammond, Lt. Richard Jones and Town Manager Jamie Titcomb.

    On Aug.…


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Ocean Ridge: Arresting officer files lawsuit, accuses former vice mayor of battery

By Steve Plunkett

    Officer Nubia Plesnik, part of the police team that charged former Vice Mayor Richard Lucibella with resisting arrest last fall, has filed a lawsuit against him claiming battery and negligence.

    Lucibella “committed a battery upon [Plesnik] by intentionally causing harmful or offensive contact with [her] by pushing [her] and further physically contacting her during the course of the arrest,” Plesnik’s lawsuit says.…


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Manalapan: Impasse over sign design delaying Publix project

By Dan Moffett

    The landlords of Manalapan’s Plaza del Mar hoped to be knocking down buildings to make way for a new Publix by now.

    They’re not, for two reasons: The supermarket chain’s architects haven’t been able to design a sign…


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Delray Beach: Commission OKs settlement with Atlantic Crossing developer

By Jane Smith


    After city commissioners insisted the two-way road be placed back into the Atlantic Crossing development, they were ready to settle the lawsuit with the project’s developer.

    “I do not think we can get a much better project without considerable risk,” Mayor Cary Glickstein said at a specially called April 12 commission meeting. “The time has come to move forward.”

    The Delray Beach City Commission unanimously approved settling…


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Boca Raton: Opponents want hearing officer to review Wildflower ordinance

By Steve Plunkett

    The group that wants to invalidate an ordinance reserving city-owned land on the Intracoastal Waterway for public uses has withdrawn its lawsuit but has not dropped its complaint. Inc., which is led by former Chamber of Commerce chief Mike Arts, will seek a decision from an administrative law judge, or hearing officer, instead of a circuit judge.

     “We definitely are pursuing the case, but we’re pursuing it…


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Boca Raton: City seeks dismissal of Wildflower suit

By Steve Plunkett


    Boca Raton wants a judge to dismiss a lawsuit by a group seeking to invalidate an ordinance that reserves city-owned land along the Intracoastal Waterway for public uses only.

    The suit by Inc., whose leader is former Greater Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce chief Mike Arts, “is filled with conclusory and inconsistent allegations,” the city says in a motion filed Jan. 30. calls the initiative ordinance…


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Delray Beach: Commission postpones vote on Atlantic Crossing settlement

The view of the proposed Atlantic Crossing looking southeast from the corner

of Northeast First Street and Northeast Sixth Avenue shows residential and related amenities.



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Boca Raton: Lawsuit alleges waterfront vote was improper

By Steve Plunkett


    A group led by a former Chamber of Commerce president wants a judge to overturn Boca Raton’s new ordinance reserving city-owned land along the Intracoastal Waterway for public uses only. Inc., which in a lawsuit said it is committed “to social welfare and protecting private property rights,” claims the ordinance limits the use of such city land — and the Wildflower property in particular — in a way that is “wholly and…


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Manalapan/Lantana: Nearby residents sue town to block new Publix

By Dan Moffett

    A Lantana resident and a Manalapan homeowners group have joined forces and filed suit in Palm Beach County Circuit Court to block construction of a Publix at Plaza del Mar.

    The suit claims the town acted illegally in July when commissioners approved a site plan for the plaza’s renovation and new supermarket. A specific complaint is that the town did not require an adequate traffic study before advancing the plan.

    The owners of the…


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Boca Raton: City seeks dismissal of federal suit opposing synagogue project

By Sallie James

    The city has asked a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit that claims Boca Raton officials improperly created a special zoning classification to allow construction of a synagogue on the barrier island.

    The court action is the latest development in an ongoing controversy surrounding plans by Chabad of East Boca to build an 18,000-square-foot synagogue and Israel museum at 770 E. Palmetto Park Road. In May 2015, the city voted to allow Chabad…


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Boca Raton: Suit filed in federal court to stop synagogue on barrier island

By Sallie James

    Two activists have sued Boca Raton in federal court, claiming their rights to equal protection and due process were violated when the city created a zoning classification that paved the way for a controversial synagogue.

    The four-count lawsuit filed Feb. 4 by Gerald Gagliardi and Kathleen MacDougall accuses the city of wrongly approving a zoning classification specifically tailored to allow construction of Chabad of East Boca on .81…


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Delray Beach: City seeks dismissal of Crossing developers’ lawsuit

By Jane Smith

    Attorneys for Delray Beach responded to an Atlantic Crossing lawsuit with a motion to dismiss on Aug. 18.

    The developers sued the city in June claiming the city has not issued a site-plan certification that was approved in November 2013 and affirmed by a previous City Commission in January 2014.

    In the city’s August motion, Delray Beach contends that the developers’ claims “are an untimely and improper collateral attack on a City…


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Along the Coast: Delray drops out of Inspector General lawsuit

By Tim Pallesen

Delray Beach has dropped out of a lawsuit to determine how cities pay for the county Inspector General’s Office.

“The Inspector General has been instrumental in helping us focus on best practices,” Mayor Cary Glickstein said in explaining the City Commission’s unanimous April 6 vote. “This sends a signal that we appreciate what they have done for us.”

The Inspector General has acted like an external auditor for the city since Glickstein and…


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Manalapan: Seawall damage has neighbors vying with lawsuits

Waves from Hurricane Sandy damaged many seawalls in Manalapan. This photo taken Oct. 30, 2012,

shows the Arcaini estate (left) and its adjoining lot. The musician Yanni’s estate, right,

lost its…


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Boca Raton: No money forthcoming until lawsuit is resolved

By Steve Plunkett 

    Boca Raton will not send money to pay for the inspector general until a lawsuit by it and 13 other municipalities is resolved challenging how the office is funded. 

    The cities filed suit two years ago saying the county’s proposed method of funding the Inspector General’s Office — billing each municipality based on the dollar amount of contracts awarded — amounts to double taxation of their residents. They want the county to impose an “oversight…


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