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As an owner in Briny Breezes, I recently received a "letter" from the office. In this communication I was asked to please be a "good neighbor" and not bring my dog (enclosed in his stroller) near the clubhouse porch.

The incident occurred on Independence Day (July 4th). We had guests and wanted to enjoy the fireworks with them. Unable to find seats on the porch, those chairs not taken onto the beach were occupied, we sat on the big rock next to the porch and our pooch lounged comfortably in his stroller...Yes, I must admit, he was topless!

Had the holiday not involved noisy fireworks, we might have left Madison at home, alone. However, not wanting him to be scared, we took him along. At no time did he get out of his stroller or interact with any of our "Good Briny Neighbors".

Now, back to my question: How does one define a good neighbor? Is that the neighbor who is considerate and minds their own business without annoying others or the one who must "tattletale" everything they see? For me, the best neighbor smiles from across the fence and does not hop onto my property without an invite. This world would be a much happier place if everyone would mind their own business and intervene only when someone is truly in trouble and requires assistance!

Let's all put on our big girl panties and start acting like adults. The "Briny Whiners" made so many unnecessary & ridiculous calls to the police that they now have a special number, which they must call, to screen the importance (or actuality) of a supposed emergency. I try my damndest to keep out of the way from most of the residents, by occupying my Briny home off-season, only. I would very much appreciate the same consideration from others...Please, do not tread on me, MYOB!

Terry Kline

PS- Out of consideration for others, I feel that smoking should be banned on the clubhouse porch. Also, the alcoholic beverage consumption, many times, gets way out of control. Smoking, especially when mixed with heavy drinking, can do more damage to a wooden structure than a pooch in a stroller. Do I get the office to write letters to the offenders? No, I go home and MMOB!

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